Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cast Iron Skillet

Well as you can see a lot of my recipes require a good skillet.  I highly recommend a cast iron one.  The biggest error people make with a new cast iron skillet is neglecting to "season" it.  All cast iron skillets with come with manufacturer directions on how to season.  If you don't season it - everything will stick to it.  Everytime you use your cast iron pan you should grease it when through.  Once done using it wash and dry - drying is very very important.  You can't leave it wet or it will rust.  Also NEVER NEVER NEVER use a steel wool pad - it will scrub out the seasoning.  Then spray with Pam, take a paper towel and rub in the Pam.  Some people don't wash their skillets - they clean them with salt and a bamboo brush.  I prefer good old soap and water. IF you can find one at a yard sale or auction buying a used pre-seasoned pan can save you a lot of work.  I keep several sizes - a large deep pan for frying chicken and such,  a large shallow pan for frying bacon, eggs and such, and a smaller shallow pan for frying small amounts. 
If you are cooking and have something that sticks to the bottom of the pan don't worry.  When you are done cooking and the food is out of the pan  - empty any grease - turn the burner on high - let the pan get good and hot - then pour cold water into the pan - use a spatula to loosen up any stubborn food and the pan will clean right up. 

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